Information security is one of our main priorities at, we use the latest technologies to protect your payment data and ensure that they are processed in a secure environment. Our e-commerce platform has several certificates in terms of information management and security as well as compliance with Data Security standards practiced in the payment card sector.

Credit card payment 

To secure your payments and reduce the risk of fraud, We have implemented a complete system of controls and protective measures: 1 - SSL (Secure Socket Layer) data encryption 2 - Compliance with PCI DSS requirements to protect bank card data 3 - The 3D Secure device, which authenticates the cardholder

Payment with Paypal

Pay securely with PayPal and benefit from fraud protection 1 - Each transaction is secured by advanced encryption technology 2 - Protection of Purchases and Protection against Fraud, and Identity Theft 3 - Secure archiving of your banking and personal information